Multiple Teams · Wolves defeat No. 9 Wildcats 15 – 7

Boone Grove football coach Dan Kukulski put plenty of thought into relieving junior quarterback Dylan Paul of his duties as holder on field-goal tries. He opted against it.

Friday showed why.

A muffed longsnap on a game-tying extra point try with 4:05 left in third quarter against Hanover Central left Paul yelling “fire” to notify his teammates he needed someone to get open in the end zone to save the play. Senior Brandon Vann heard him and found space alone in the corner of the end zone.

Paul heaved the pass, Vann brought it in for an unexpected 2-point conversion. As it would turn out, the score would ultimately go down as the winning play in the Wolves’ 15-7 upset victory over the Hanover Central Wildcats (4-1)…