Wolves News · Spring HS Team Photo Information

High School Spring team and individual photos as well as senior banner photos will be taken on Tuesday, April 6th immediately after school. Senior banner photos will be taken in the cafeteria, team and individual photos will be taken in the auxiliary gym.

Below is the ordering information. All team and individual photos must be ordered online. Senior banner order forms are available in the main office at the high school.


As Governor Holcomb has extended the mask requirements for schools through the end of the school year, all team photos will be taken with masks on. Individuals will be able to remove their mask for individual photos and senior banner photos.


Order Code is:  58278R
Your link to order is: 



Photo times will be as follows:


Camera 1

3:00- Boys Track

3:15- Boys Golf

3:30- Softball


Camera 2

3:00- Tennis

3:15- Girls Track

3:30 Baseball